Nails are our thing, we can recreate looks for you, sculpt bitten/damaged nails or just manicure your own. Whatever your request we can accommodate. Using only the finest products in the industry and being trained to the very highest standard.

Natural Nails


Nail and Cuticle Tidy (Nail file, cuticle tidy and a Varnish) ... £15

Express Manicure (all of the above and a hand scrub and massage) ... £21

Luxury Manicure (Combination of above, scrub up to elbow, luxurious masque and massage) ... £28


Nail and Cuticle Tidy (same as above) ... £15

Express Pedicure (Foot soak, file of hard skin, scrub and massage of feet and varnish) ... £28

Luxury Pedicure (as above with a splash of indulgence, scrub luxurious masque and massage up to knee) ... £35

If your feet need a little bit of extra TLC we recommend a Callus Peel.

Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas of the feet by a Skin Softener ‘patch’ where calluses develop. This ‘patch’ has all the ingredients necessary to remove the calluses from the feet. This is a 15 minute four step system which gives immediate results, even after the first treatment.

Callus Peel ... £20

to add a Callus Peel to a Pedicure of your choice add £10 to the total

Shellac Nails

The one, the only, CND Shellac. This is where you’ll find the worlds best gel polish system. Renowned for its 14 day longevity, high shine and fast, safe removal. This exclusively professional nail care system delivers fantastic results.

Shellac Manicure ... £25

Shellac on Toes ... £25

Shellac Pedicure ... £43

Shellac Removal ... £10

Shellac Removal (of our own application originally) and redo ... £25

Art/french with Shellac ... £4 extra 

Repairs in Shellac ... £3.50 per nail

If extra strength is needed on natural nails we can apply a thin layer of a builder gel ... £5 extra

To add Shellac to other nail treatments it is the original price of the nail treatment plus £15 to add Shellac.

Slickpour Nails

Slickpour is the step between gel polish and acrylic. If your nails aren't quite strong enough for a gel but you perfer the feel to a acrylic this is the one for you. We coat the nails in a gel and pour on our Slickpour acrylic powder for super hardness and amazing shine that can last 2 weeks.

Slickpour Manicure ... £27

Slickpour Removal and Redo ... £30

Slickpour Removal ... £10

Repairs per nail ... £4

Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are fab for those that have weak nails, are nail biters or are just super tough on their nails. Acrylics carry a bad rep about them but its not the products that do the damage to the nail we so often see it is the technician or how YOU look after them.We are trained to a very high standard with Vicky and Selina being being Senior Nail Technicians.


                                                                 Technician Prices                                       Senior Technician Prices


Acrylic Overlays                                                 £28                                                                   £32

Acrylic Tip                                                          £32                                                                    ----

Acrylic Sculpt (one Colour)                               £35                                                                    £36

Acrylic Sculpt (2 colour)                                     ---                                                                     £40

Acrylic Design (ombre/glitter)                           ---                                                                     £45+

Infill (2-3 weeks)                                                 £26                                                                    £28

Re-balance (2-3 weeks after infill)                     ---                                                                    £33

* Please note an infill is required 2-3 weeks after initial appointment, a re-balance/back fill is required 2-3 weeks after your infill appointment. If you do not attend within this time you may be charged for a full set of nails or a removal and a redo.

Removal ... £15 (of our nails only, we may remove other nails at our discretion but we will charge according to time taken)

Removal for a new set to be added ... £10

To add Shellac to these nails it is an additional ... £15

Repair per nail ... £5

Art £3+ per nail

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