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We offer all types of body waxing from Brows to Brazillians! Brazillians are super popular and would be our most requested bikini wax. Using our hone technique and client care we minimise any discomfort. If you have ever thought of getting a Brazilian, just pick up the phone and take the plunge. Your Waxpert will be more than happy to go through any questions and talk you thorough the treatment step by step.

Many Salons offer waxing services and some also specialise, but waxing is our thing, our passion and that's why were Waxperts!!

Screenshot 2023-11-16 174343.png
Beautiful long woman's legs with smooth

No hot baths/ showers for 24 hours after

No Sunbeds or Tanning for 24 hours after

No fake tan, moisturisers or deodorant for 24 hours

Do not shave in-between appointments

No heavy perspiration after

Do Exfoliate regularly

Do return in 3-6 weeks

Tell all your friends where you go x

What Wax do i want?

Basic Bikini line will tidy up outside your pant area.

Extended Bikini Line will tidy up a bit underneath, on the top and slightly more inside the pant line.

Brazilian is known as the landing strip, all hair is removed apart from a strip above.

Hollywood is all off, nothing left.

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