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Brown Eyes
Long Lashes

We offer many different types of Lashes.

these are all explained below.

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If you’re looking for a lash treatment to enhance what mother nature gifted you with, let us introduce LVL lash lifting – the natural eyelash lift. In a mere 45 minutes your lashes can be completely transformed, creating the illusion of length, volume and lift.

Lashes are lifted by using a silicone shield on the eyelid. Then add in your preferred shade of tint, which is included in your treatment, and you will reveal your most beautiful natural eyelashes. No adhesive. No maintenance. Perfect for all healthy lash types. Fancy giving your lashes a little TLC at home? Pop our Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum in your basket. The perfect home care product for LVL lashes.


Searching for powerful, bold eyes 24/7? Eyelash extensions give you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume. They are so light-weight due to using the highest quality lash extensions ensuring you will not even realise the difference with Extend. What could be better? Perfection – we know!

Although, lash extensions do require a little maintenance to keep the desired look, if you love your lashes then it’s worth it.

Express extensions take around 30 minutes and are individual lashes applied to your lashes, these can not be topped up and can last up to 2 weeks.

classic lashes are individual lashes applied to one of your lashes. to be topped up every 2/3 weeks.

hybrid lashes are a mixture of volume and classic lashes.

volume ashes give a full fluffy glam look. using a little fan of tiny lashes applied to one of your lashes.


We recommend using the cleansing kits that we stock in the aftercare range with all of our treatments, after 48 hours. If you want to keep your lashes as fresh as their first day, super hygienic and perfectly preened we suggest using the Gentle Eye Make-up Remover and the Lash & Lid Cleanser Set. These heroes will change your eyelash care routine for the better.

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