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We want you to always be happy in our salon, from booking in to receiving your treatments. If in the unfortunate event there is ever a problem we always want to know. We have these policies in place for us and for you.

Every treatment has an after care procedure, please ensure these are followed.

We understand life is sometimes busy but we will need to be aware of an application problem within 24 hours, otherwise it is hard to determine where the problem began. 


We are a small family run business, No show, Late cancellations dramatically effect us. We may require a deposit from you when booking your appointments. We understand things can happen in life but we would like 48 hours notice to cancel or amend your appointments.

We send out SMS reminders and email reminders, when you book online our policy is clearly stated there.

No notice or not showing will result in 100% treatment fee to be paid.

Less than 24 hours notice will result in an 80% charge

Less than 48 hours to 24 hours notice will result in a 50% charge of the total cost

If we do not have the correct notice you may be charged. We understand things happen we are human too but we implement this policy to protect our business. If we fill the slot you will not be charged.

Please also note cancellations must be in person or over the phone as emails and social media messaged maybe missed.

Online booking

When you book online our app providers hold your card details and the deposit, this is all on the t&c of the platform that you use to book. 

We also have pop ups when a patch test is needed.

If you fail to come in for your patch test on time you ,may still be charged for the appointment slot.


If you have any allergies you must inform us.

An allergy to a product can happen at any time, we will always carry out all of the correct steps to minimise risk following our manufacturers guidelines.


We do not offer refunds for services or deposits.

If in the unfortunate event you are unhappy with the service carried out we will try and rectify with you where possible. We will never refund the money back to you as we are a service industry.

We do not refund Gift Cards.

We will not refund on a course or package purchased.

When booking a treatment with a trainee or as a model please note that the treatment is for training to get our therapists more competent in an area, to qualify in a treatment, to work on timings or to improve their skill level to be in line with a qualified therapist. If you would like a more experienced therapist please ensure you book a therapist or a senior. 

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