Online Training Academy

After The Covid 19 pandemic had such a devastating effect on many peoples lives, we decided to add online training to our menu.

All of the courses come with a lifetime of support like any training here. We have also set up a social media support page.

All courses are fully accredited by ABT online.

F & Q'S

How long will I have to complete training?

We recommend these courses to be completed in 3 months, we do understand people may need more time or extra help, if this is the case email us at

Can I get insurance after?

Yes, all of our courses are fully certified and are accredited by ABT online. We have a discount code for all students wishing to in sure with ABT ACOB99.

Please check with other insurers before buying the course.

I have completed the online course but really need extra help?

That's ok, normally its something simple, we can set up a zoom training session or you can come into the salon, these will be charged at £50 per hour. Our courses are really in depth so as rare as this some people may need some time seeing it in person.

Will I get my certificate straight away?

We ask that you send us over 4 case studies of your work, as scary as this sounds it really isn't. This is so we can check that you are to a good industry standard.

Are Kits included?

No kits are included with the courses but you can contact me to order kits.

We are a LashBase Affiliated training academy, so stock their lash kits.

Can I request a refund?

Unfortunately not, once this course has been purchased I can not offer a refund as you have already then received all of the course content.